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Politics and how men should be the only ones in
politics and that woman's job is to cater to men and
shower them with affection
A picture of Robert Stewart Heyer and other professors at SU gathered around his transmitter
Manuscript detailing Dr. Ramey’s guest lecture at SU
The president of the University recently announced some changes that would be taking effect soon on the school and this students is explaining what they are to the readers of the newspaper. It lists both the financial and educational goals of the…
Discussion around class times running at the same time as the Brown Symposium, covering multiple viewpoints.
This item is a brochure for the twentieth Brown Symposium, which took place in 1998 and focused on many aspects of the Human Genome Project.
A monthly journal publication written by the Alamo and San Jacinto literary societies. Contains an article detailing The Germ theory of Vaccination.
The article describes various ways to combat the
Spanish influenza such as hand washing and avoiding
An anonymous letter from a student detailing the discrimination and ridicule they have faced as a Southwestern student
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