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Discussion around class times running at the same time as the Brown Symposium, covering multiple viewpoints.
In 1921 at the faculty club meeting, Dr. William Davidson presented a scholarly review of John Watson’s “Psychology From the Viewpoint of The Behaviorist”
Discussion of the “battle” between religion and atheism at the Brown Symposium XXXI. The author is seemingly more critical of religion.

Guest speakers from the Brown Symposium XXXI answer questions posed by the Southwestern University community.
An anonymous letter from a student detailing the discrimination and ridicule they have faced as a Southwestern student
The president of the University recently announced some changes that would be taking effect soon on the school and this students is explaining what they are to the readers of the newspaper. It lists both the financial and educational goals of the…
Early X-Ray taken by Dr. Robert Stewart Hyer of a dislocated hip.
The students father dies from complications
stemming from Spanish Influenza.
In 1913 the first psychology course was offered as a summer class
An article written by the SU health director on what HIV testing entails and how to access it.
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