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2018 version of the Southwestern University health form
Williamson County Sun. Editors and authors: Ray Jones, Emily Barker,
In 1913 the first psychology course was offered as a summer class
Newspaper article discussing AIDS research and a seminar being held in Williamson County providing information
Biography written by Dr. Heyer’s daughter accounting her personal experience with Dr. Heyer, and what in her eyes made him a great man as well as his many accomplishments in science and academia and at SU.
This is a report by Raymond J. Seeger, a visitor to Southwestern who reported on the characteristics of the Southwestern Science and Mathematics program. It details positives of the programs and he gives suggestions on how to improve the program
Psychology 331 test questions that are true or false
In 1937, the same year the psychology department was found, Miss Bristol offered a ladies personality development course. The course allowed women to enter into the psychology department.

Guest speakers from the Brown Symposium XXXI answer questions posed by the Southwestern University community.
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